Finished Kitchen Remodel Camarillo

Camarillo job we stared 5 weeks ago was completed today the work that we did was in a fast and timely matter. We came in, did what we were supposed to do and got the job done. We started off with the downstairs, that include 22 hundred sq ft flooring, brand new quartz countertop, resurface kitchen cabinet. We also install new sink, install new lines sink and sink fixtures, also extended island 12 in, and put in baseboards. The downstairs full bathroom, shower head was moved up 12 in, resurfaced existing vanity and new pluming. Then it was the upstairs we did all the stairs with new laminate and hardwood flooring, resurfaced the banister, upstairs guessed bathroom, resurfaced vanity, installed quartz countertop installed sink and sink fixtures, angle stops and lines, brand new tub, tub surround, raise shower head 12 in new tile flooring, laminate flooring all upstairs, tile flooring in the master bathroom, vanity resurface quartz countertop on the vanity, vanity 2 sinks angle stop and new lines, brand new flooring in the water closet, bath area, quartz shower walls, tile shower pan, customer frameless glass shower doors, quartz surrounds on tub. After all that we keep up accordingly and we even brought extra workers to make the house spotless.

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